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+What is an Angel and how is that different from Venture Capital?

An Angel investor is someone who typically provides a one-time injection of funding to your small business or startup. The amounts can vary but usually are anywhere from $10K to $100K. Many times an Angel investor is the entrepreneur's friends and family and generally are focused on helping the business succeed.

A Venture Capital firm invests in small business and start-ups with high growth potential and long term value. The investments are a generally higher risk with a higher return profile with investments ranging anywhere from $250K to $5M+ depending on the company, industry and business model. In addition to capital in exchange for an equity stake in your company, venture firms also provide management expertise, avenues to follow on financing and a superb network for your business to grow.

+How can you find out if someone has received funding?

Check out the site FormDs.com as this will help you understand who is raising money and how much. A Form D filing contains:

  • Amount of money raised
  • Equity or debt issuance
  • Industry category
  • Names of the executives and directors
  • Addresses for the company, executives, and directors
  • Other information - brokers used, commission paid

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