Startup Info Matters was created to help Texas entrepreneurs find start-up related information quickly so they can get back to changing the world. I had a lot of folks take me out for coffee and ask me where to go for "this or that" or how to do "this or that." This website is a laundry list of those coffee-assisted asks.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to innovate and perform market analysis, market research, competitive intelligence, technology commercialization, venture due diligence and ultimately strategic go-to-market initiatives on a host of industries over my career. I also learned a tremendous amount from CEOs-in-Residence and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence when vetting new ventures. Many of those years are poured into this website in the form of useful links, research, and templates.

I hope this site helps entrepreneurs quickly find the information they need so they can get back to changing the world.

Mike Millard

You can find more about me here.